Brown Eyes

Brown Eyes

Her eyes are blue

Yours are brown

Hers represents the ocean

Yours represents the ground

You’ve always hated your eyes

And wished that they were blue

But your eyes have a tint of gold

So rare it must not be true

So yes her eyes are blue

And yes your eyes are brown

But your eyes hold the riches

That are buried in the ground

Her eyes carry storms

And rage like the sea

Your eyes carry earthquakes

That bring mountains to their knees

Maybe her eyes are blue

But your eyes reign queen

Because they hold the purest riches

The world has ever seen

12 thoughts on “Brown Eyes”

  1. I absolutely love this poem. As the only girl with brown eyes in a family of blue eyed females thus poem really touches my soul!


  2. I am totally obsessed with this poem! Beautifully written and resonates with me so deeply, growing up in a society where everybody wants to have blonde hair and blue eyes, its only at the age of 20, I’ve truly learned to embrace my heritage. Love this!


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